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Capable of handling most used solid boards in the Graphic and Sign Industry.

SummaFlex enables you to calculate and optimise the tooling path to the fullest.

Comes with optional vacuum cleaning kit to remove chips and dust.


  • Routing Module with brush system
  • Hoses and gantry
  • Electric board including switch for vacuum cleaner
  • Kress milling motor
  • Collets: 3, 4 & 8 mm
  • 4 mm bit – D4/4 L50/12 1Fl Uc (x1)



Initial installation requires assembling and wiring to be done by a trained technician.

Milling motor

Nominal rated input: 1,050 W
Spindle output: 600 W 
No-load speed: 10,000 – 29,000 rpm 
Collets up to: 8 mm

Vacuum cleaner 
Not supplied by Summa 
Max 12 Ampere 
Air output (at fan): minimum 3,000 l/min (106 cfm) 
Vacuum: minimum 230 hPa (mbar) (92 inch of water) 
Hose diameter is 35mm

CAUTION: The usage is of a 110V vacuum cleaner is only possible if the supply voltage of the table is 3 X 208V + N. In any other cases, a 230V vacuum cleaner is necessary. The position of some jumpers on the connector rail of the router option may have to be changed (see installation instructions for router)

Router bits: 
Router Bit D3/3 L60/10 1Fl UC 
Router Bit D3/3 L60/20 1Fl UC 
Router Bit D4/4 L50/12 1FL UC 
Router Bit D4/4 L70/30 1Fl UC



Summa F1612 only


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